Meet Thexa.

Weston Ross

Weston Ross, Ph.D.

As Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Thexa, Wes brings expertise in the development of "smart" technologies for a variety of applications in the public health and surgery realms. Wes serves as the lead grantsman and principal investigator for our research efforts.

Matt Tucker

Matthew Tucker, Ph.D.

As Co-Founder of Thexa, Matt leverages his expertise in machine learning and engineering to ensure our technology is able to met the needs of our ever-evolving landscapes and customers. Additionally, Matt brings his expertise in IP management and strategy to the team to foster robust business development.

patrick codd

Patrick Codd, M.D.

As Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Thexa Technologies, Dr. Patrick Codd brings over a decade of experience in translational engineering and medical device innovation. Through numerous patents, startup companies, successful federal research grants, and years of research team guidance, he brings a critical experience and guidance to the innovative technologies and public health focus of Thexa.

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