Smart technology.

Our team at Thexa Technologies has developed an smart imaging platform that detects touchpoints in real time. A touchpoint is the area that is contacted on a surface when a person touches it, leaving behind anything that may be on their hands - bacteria, food contaminants, fomites, or viruses. Our technology, invented at Duke University, is designed to provide highly-accurate touchpoint detection capabilities using thermal technology and artificial intelligence.

targetted cleaning.

Clean surfaces is the key to curbing unwanted contamination and disease transmission. Seats in airports, desks in offices, tables in coffee shops, and restaurant counters all carry risk of contamination. With our Artificially-Intelligent imaging system, you can now detect surfaces that have been touched immediately, and act appropriately and intentionally.

process improvement.

The Thermatrack System provides a log of touchpoint events recorded throughout the day. This log can be used to improve procedures - such as targetted cleaning, reducing the time and workload of cleaning; workflow optimization, detecting unwanted contamination in the kitchen or manufacturing facility the procedure workflow can be ammedended to reduce such events; and decreased disease, by finding the most frequently touched surfaces and initiating proper cleaning procedures the risk of disease transmissions drops.